Friday, February 3, 2012

Out Of My Mind

     Imagine if you were a genius, but no one knew. Eleven year old Melody has never spoken a word. She has never played on the monkey bars at recess, climbed on a tree, or even walked a step. All the words she has ever used are typed up on a board. Melody's only form of communication is to point with her thumb to a word on a board.
      Melody has every word she has ever heard in her head. She lets them swirl and flow around her as if they were a gentle song. She treasures every word hoping some day she will be able to let them out.
She also has a photographic memory. Any commercial she has ever seen sticks in her head. She knows the number if she ever wants a carpet cleaned, a window wiped, or a lawn mowed.
    Seeing the different colors of songs as they drift through the air just comes naturally to her. Melody has synesthesia. this allows her to see songs, and taste them to.