Monday, October 10, 2011

Book club meeting

So today at our meeting we barely talked about books for more than two minutes, but we did confirm that we are reading A Mango Shaped Space. Here is a basic summary of the meeting:
       First Sophia arrived (i was hosting it) and we stayed in the little tree house out back and talked until Matilda arrived. Then we talked a little longer until Olivia arrived. The moment she arrived she bribed my sister Elizabeth with cookies, because at Brentwood Rocks Elizabeth was deathly afraid of Olivia.  After that Olivia found a small plank of wood ( it was about a foot and a quarter long ) and decided to slide down a sort of ramp-ish thing on it. It was like a normal ramp but every other board wasn't there. The first few times she tried it kept getting stuck on the way down. It worked once, but that was the only time. During that Sophia had to leave. Then we had snack and played sardines, Olivia hides and everyone else finds, and hide and seek tag. When Matilda was leaving Olivia and I sneaked into the trunk of her car and it would of worked except Matilda told on us. Then everyone left.   

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